Special Interest Vacations in Greece

If you’re a history buff, a vacation in Greece might be a perfect choice. Whether you’re interested in the city’s vibrant history, or want to experience the gastronomy, Greece has much to offer travelers. There are a variety of special interest packages available for travelers to select from. For instance, special interest packages can explore Greek food and wine, or explore the local culture. In either case, you should take your personal interests into account when planning your vacation.


A Diakopes vacation in Greece is a unique vacation for couples that offers an island getaway. There are 24 islands in the Sporades region of Greece, but only four are inhabited. The islands are characterized by their dark green pine trees and white churches, a hospitable local population, and great weather. There are many activities and attractions to enjoy on your vacation to Greece. Here, you can visit famous Greek monuments and spend a day in a local beach.

While traveling through Greece, you will have the chance to experience the diverse landscapes, fragrant scents, and enticing flavors. The Greek people inspire visitors with their way of life, which emphasizes sharing simple pleasures with others. You will experience authentic Greek cuisine, which will nourish both your body and soul. The flavors are accentuated by the use of olive oil and herbs. Whether you’re a seasoned gourmet or simply love to indulge in fine wine, you’ll enjoy a Diakopes vacation in Greece.


The word “vacation” in Greek means “to go on a trip, or a specific trip,” and it’s related to the word for a gay man. A Greek professor coined the term as a way to describe his single life. The word is also used to refer to a holiday to the Cycladic islands. The Greek word for vacation is diakopes. Here are some examples of other phrases that use the word “vacation.”

Greece can also represent a new love interest or a fresh start in a relationship. It’s an adventurous place to go and can be a time of fun and entertainment. However, if you’re in a stressful relationship, it could mean a time where you’re burdened by responsibilities. In other words, it’s important to remember that the meaning of vacation in Greek is quite different for everyone.

Athens Riviera

If you are looking for an uncrowded beach experience, the Athens Riviera is your best bet. This 40-mile stretch of coastline is the Greek equivalent of the French Riviera and is only 20 to 70 minutes from downtown Athens. You can stay in luxurious hotels on the seafront, and enjoy fantastic beach culture. The area is also a popular destination for discerning travelers, and is a good choice for summer vacations. The atmosphere at seaside resorts and hotels blurs the lines between city and beach.

There are plenty of places to dine in the area. The Arion Hotel, for example, offers 10 treatment rooms, 8 restaurants, a cigar lounge, and private beaches. The hotel is about 30 minutes from downtown Athens, and you can also take a boat or helipad to the beaches. Aside from the excellent cuisine, you can also relax at the Arion Hotel’s private pools and terraces. This five-star resort has been home to celebrities and world leaders since its opening in the 1960s.

In addition to the Acropolis, Athens Riviera offers a great selection of other attractions. Taking a day trip to the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Centre, which covers 51 acres of land, is an excellent way to experience the city’s rich cultural heritage. Also, if you have the budget, you can hire a private tour guide to guide you along the way. The best time to visit the site is at sunset, so make sure you get there at least an hour before.

Peloponnese peninsula

Located southwest of Athens, the Peloponnese peninsula has a plethora of historic sites and natural wonders. The peninsula’s temperate springs and fall weather keep the region consistently pleasant. Visitors can enjoy the region’s many beaches and wineries in any season. The peninsula is also home to many ancient archaeological sites, caves, mountains, and unique architecture. Peloponnese holidays offer all of the attractions of the Greek islands, in an unbeatable location.

One of the best ways to see the Peloponnese peninsula is by taking a small ship cruise. These vessels can carry up to 50 passengers and visit ancient sites such as Epidaurus, Pylos, and the eponymous palace. Smaller ships can stop at the Mani Peninsula and at the Diros Caves. You can also visit the archaeological site of Delphi, which is only two hours from Patras.

The Peloponnese peninsula is not as popular with tourists as the rest of the country, but it is an excellent destination for a holiday in Greece. The region is rich in history and culture, including ancient Sparta and Arcadian Greece. Travelers should spend at least one day on this area, whether on a road trip from Athens or a day trip. Whether you’re planning a cultural tour or an active tour, a Peloponnese peninsula vacation is sure to be a memorable one.


If you’re looking for a relaxing, beautiful place to spend your holiday in Greece, you might want to consider Corfu. This island is the most developed in the Ionian Islands and has some beautiful beaches for families. Its large, organized resorts include Glyfada, Agios Gordios, and Pelekas. You can also enjoy its cultural scene and exceptional cuisine.

While on the island, make sure to check out the Paleokastritsa monastery. Located atop a hill, this monastery is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. You can spend an afternoon or evening at this unique site, but you should be sure to dress modestly. You’ll want to avoid exposing your private parts, which can result in being spotted by tourists. But the views and the peaceful atmosphere make it worth the effort.

While visiting Corfu, take advantage of the island’s bus system. Although the system doesn’t go to the most remote places on the island, it is a convenient way to visit popular sites. Corfu is home to several beautiful villages, and Hlomos village is no exception. Here, you can find the breathtaking sunset that’s so unique. This beautiful village is not popular with tourists, so make sure to visit it during sunset.

A few places of cultural interest are located outside of Corfu town. The Byzantine castle at Gardiki in southwest Corfu is another place of historical interest. The Venetian Arsenal, and the Achilleion Palace are also worth seeing. The latter was built by the Empress of Austro-Hungary Elizabeth. You can also visit the Corfu Museum of Modern Art and explore its exhibits.

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When you’re planning a vacation to Greece, you’ll want to spend a few days exploring Crete. This island is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands. It’s also the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and the 88th largest island in the world. It’s located about 160 km from the Greek mainland and 100 kilometers southwest of Anatolia. The island is a popular tourist destination and the islands of Crete are filled with enchanting natural scenery and historic sites.

Chania is the second largest city on the island, and it draws the largest portion of summer visitors. It’s a cosmopolitan place, with narrow cobbled streets and a harbor lined with restaurants, boutiques, and local fishermen. It also has the famous Fortress of Kales and the mystical lake Vouliagmeni. While in Chania, you should also spend some time in the ancient city.

If you plan to visit the ruins, the most important clothing item you’ll need is comfortable shoes. While flip-flops and sandals are perfectly acceptable to wear in the city, you’ll need sturdy hiking boots for off-roading. In addition to comfortable shoes, make sure to pack layers of clothing. Light layers are best for daytime activities, such as walking, but consider wearing a windbreaker during colder months. For summer, you can wear t-shirts and a sunblock.

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